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When it comes to boats, we got you covered. It’s a lot of work to clean and winterize a boat only to have to do the work all over again in the spring time. Shrink wrapping your boat ensures your vessel will remain totally clean and dry all winter long. Not only that, a properly shrink wrapped boat will also protect against UV damage, colour fading, dirt, snow, rain and wind.

Using tarps can cause chafe damage, noise and water pooling, but shrink wrap can be installed so that the rain and snow just slides right off. Above Contracting can also add zippers and vents for easy access and air flow to prevent moisture build-up. Shrink wrap is also a smart and economical alternative to inside storage.

Our wrap is manufactured in the USA and is a state-of-the-art specially formulated, high strength polyethylene film that shrinks 25% to 30% when heat is applied. The heated plastic film shrinks to create a perfect fit around your boat, it is also fire retardant, and has UV inhibitors. Once installed, the shrink wrap will not detach, avoiding call outs to re-tie/refit or replace the sheeting. Although it provides an excellent protective seal, this unique wrap can be removed in minutes.

A boat that is 24ft to 30ft long would normally cost between eight hundred and a thousand dollars to properly shrink wrap. However, sail boats or boats with a command bridge could cost a little bit more. The best thing to do is email us a picture of your boat so that we can provide you with a more accurate quotation. Contact us today for a free estimate.